Monday, November 14, 2016

Makeup, Accessories, Skincare, Haircare Haul @Germany

Hello beauties,

Haven't been able to catch up on any movies and very less of sleep post Diwali, even though it's been more than 15 days! Hope the euphoria dies down soon!

Recently, I had a chance to visit Germany for an official trip and obviously did some shopping at the airport and the local supermarket as I couldn't get much time to roam around the country (it was a business trip dear!).

So here are the pics of my haul from Germany:


All accessories:

All makeup:

And last but not the least, some German skincare and haircare:

Will post reviews of all interesting products, once I start using them more diligently!

Hope you liked my haul post. Do let me your comments below.

See ya...

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