Saturday, October 1, 2016

Announcing My New Food Blog: Kumkum's Food

Hi beauties,

After more than four years and 500 beauty and makeup related posts, I have decided to start another blog, which is related to another important aspect of our lives, FOOD!

And today I present, Kumkum's Food, a brand new blog by yours truly. I love cooking, but being a working mom, I don't get too much time on my hands to spend in the kitchen, yet I want to provide my family with home cooked food at all times and make it interesting as well. So, over the course of years I have developed some short cuts and twists, whcih have made my life easier and the food yummier. Through this blog, I will share all the recipes learnt over years with all of you, product reviews, and restaurant reviews as well (yes, we do eat outside).

To begin with I am sharing Sooji Halwa recipe with you, hope you relish it!

Welcoming you all to be a part of my cooking adventures!

See you at Kumkum's Food!

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