Monday, April 4, 2016

Special Occasion/Weekend Pampering Session @Spa Of The World

Hi beauties,

The weekend was supremely busy with us hosting family as well as friends. I decided to let go of all the stress and tension by indulging in a home spa kind of experience utilizing my recently hauled Spa Of The World products from The Body Shop. Today, I will sharing my special occasion/weekend pampering session experience and thoughts on the products.

Read on, if you want to know more...

I decided to go with the Himalayan Charcoal Body Clay Mask first as I had never ever tried a body mask before, owing mostly to my busy schedule as a working mom. So I lathered on the mask on my hands, legs, back and tummy and waited for it to dry.




The mask looks greyish i colour and has an almost undetectable smell. Atleast I didn't pick anything. It layers on smoothly and evenly. The quantity is quiet good and I guess it should last me for atleast 3-4 months if I use it every week. The mask dries evenly and you can visually see and feel the mask tightening up your skin. I felt the mask extracting all the toxins from my skin and along with it some tiredness as well.

Priced at INR 1895 it is an affordable indulgence if you consider the quantities. It washes off esily as well. However, I noticed that the mask does tend to leave behind a greyish color tint on the skin and didn't wash off with water alone. However, since I was using a body scrub right after this, I was sure that I should not worry too much.

For the next step, I went ahead with a body scrub. Now, please note that I am a big body scrub fanatic for more that 10 years now. I simply love the texture of scrubs against my skin, working to remove the dead skin cells and provide a luxurious feel at the same time. I picked up this Ximenia scrub  'cause of the relaxation effect of this scrub on my nerves. As soon as the SA tried this on my hands, the scent and the granules bound me to it.


The scrub:


Even though the product doesn't look granular from the pics above (looks more creamy), it is in fact just the opposite. The granules are not harsh, they are actually round spheres, which just melt into your skin as you massage this scrub and provide you wit the ultimate spa experience. The scent of this scrub is what I simply love, doesn't linger on after you wash it, but while you are at it will keep you relaxed.

Prices at INR 2395, the body scrubs are the costliest from this range, but looking at the quantities, you would get a lot many uses from this one also. Highly recommended!

As a next step, I went on to the Polynesian Monoi Radiance Oil to moisturise my freshly cleaned and relaxed skin. The oil is a blend of various natural oils and looks a bit heavy once you take a drop of it in your hands. But believe me, it will just get absorded into your skin in no time and provide you with 24 hours moisture.


Priced at INR 1695  for 170 ml of the product. The first thing you will note is the smell. It is a strong flowery smell, which I personally like, but everyone might not find the smell spa-like. The oil has a thicker texture but doesn't leave you feeling all greasy, but gets absorbed in the skin within minutes and provides you enough moisture for the next 24 hours.

So, go ahead gals, relax and indulge yourself with The Body Shop Spa of the World products. You will definitely feel pampered and relaxed in the comfort and privacy of your own space.

See ya...

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