Monday, March 14, 2016

March 2016 Fab Bag

Hello beauties,

Time for Fab Bag of the month! A plethora of emotions surge through one's mind while waiting each month for Fab Bag and reading about fellow bloggers bags. For me, they ranged from anticipation, surprise, jealousy, disappointment...
I experienced this phenomenon this month as my Fab Bag was delayed (I usually receive my bag within the first week). Read on to know what I think about March 2016 Fab Bag...

The bag is silver coloured with an overall textured feel leaning towards a masculine theme, which I quiet like. The bag actually justifies the theme of the month "More Power to You".

Now for the contents of the bag:

Let's take a look at the good things first:

  • No repeat product.
  • A mixture of hair products, skin care, and makeup covering all aspects of beauty. 
  • Inclusion of some known and some new brands in the bag.
  • Inclusion of the newly launched It's A-Pout Time Lipstick (I got the shade Breaking Bare).
Moving on to the not-so-good things:
  • Later than usual delivery of the bag.
  • The option of choosing your own product was not given this time.
  • I want a nice skin serum (if anyone's listening +FAB BAG ), am addicted to the skin serums.
Overall, a nice bag and would love to keep receiving new and exciting products always, Great Job Guys!

What's in you Fab Bag? Do write in comments below.

See ya...

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