Sunday, December 6, 2015

Forest Essentials Best Body Scrub (ever!)

Hello beauties,

It is a Sunday, it is a Sunday, it is a scrubby day!!! Yipeee....

That's actually how I begin my Sunday mornings, getting all excited about the wonderful spa experience I will indulge myself in, wind down the stress (accumulated from the week before) and prep myself up for the coming week. Sometimes you just need one product can make you feel like a princess (or queen in my case).

And the product which helps me do it is (drum rolls) Forest Essentials Cane Sugar and Tamarind Body Polisher (best for for normal skin). My first tryst with this happened around 7-8 years ago, when I was still doing my Ph.D. and I was visiting the newly opened Select City Walk with a friend of mine.

While roaming around, I saw the lovely Forest Essentials counter, where there is Sephora today and went inside wanting to explore the lovely aromatic scents filling up the air. There I met this great product for the first time, it was prices around INR 950 back then. My friend though I was crazy to buy such an expensive product, but me... I have been an impulsive buyer for most of my life.

The packaging of the product is now much more luxurious and sturdy, they even give a wooden spoon with the product now :)

A necessary addition is an oil, (which I thought was necessary) when I first bought the product but over time have realised its importance. The deal is that the oil in the container gets used up by the time you reach half of the scrub and the remaining half needs this oil to be emulsified.

The awesome wooden spoon (included in the pack now):

Love the golden lid, looks and feels super luxurious:

The product on my hands:

This has been a constant companion of mine for the past so many years now, we are going to celebrate a decade of togetherness soon :)

I just love everything about the product, the texture, fragrance, the smoothness it provides to my skin, the luxurious feel of it, everything :). 

I have tried many other body scrubs in between (I have not been very faithful..., you see) but nothing comes close to this lovely product in comparison. The fragrance relaxes my senses completely surrounds me with serenity, peace, and bliss.

The granular sugar particles of the scrub remove the dead skin cells beautifully and the oil moisturises my skin from deep within, leaving behind baby soft skin. The scrub is not at all harsh and I love its effect on my skin. Generally, I prefer not using any other soap after this product to preserve its moisturising effects on my skin and so far it has worked in my favour. And being Forest Essentials it is completely natural free of any chemicals, preservatives, parabens etc. The fragrance is due to natural oils present in the product and not something artificial. Thus, for me the product scores high on all accounts.

The scrub is more expensive now, priced at INR 2250 for 200 gms but it retains its quality and would always, always be present in my vanity. There are two other variants of the scrub for dry and oily skin types for yours to try if your skin falls in those categories.

Do tell me about your favourite body scrub and your weekly pampering routine in comments below.

See ya...

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