Wednesday, December 16, 2015

December 2015 Fab Bag

Hello beauties,

Another year is coming to an end and bringing with it a huge partying spell. This combined with the winter season (now fully setting it upon us here in north India) calls for some special pampering of skin along with super fun makeup.

This month's Fab bag tries to balance out both of these OR does it. Read on to know more...

First off a big kudos to the Fab Bag team. When I received this Fab Bag, I was disappointed to find a product missing (happened to me for the first time ever...), so I wrote back to the customer care.
My query was taken care of within 48 hours and the missing product (Kronokare Lip Balm) was shipped to me. I received the said product in anther 48 hours. Phew... excellent work team, you are the best (drum rolls...)

So, now coming down to the products, there are six this time with a complimentary lingerie from Clovia (I had opted to receive the trial product) and a foot scrub (I have started loving SPA Ceylon products now...), which I had selected to receive.

The other products include a really nice matte lip balm, a sharpener, an ayurvedic skin cream from Ayush, a sample size of Bioderma Miceller water (which I totally love, 'cause it helps me cleanse my skin without using too much water on a late winter night, if you understand what I mean), and a peppermint lip balm from Kronokare.

Totally loving the bag (also opted to receive the glam bag from July) and a BIG thankyou to TEAM  Fab Bag for giving us a lovely bag to end the year with.

So, what's in your December 2015 Fab Bag. Share with me in comments below.

See ya...

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