Thursday, August 27, 2015

Indian Wedding Lookbook: Wedding / Reception

Hello beauties,

If you happen to follow me on Instagram (follow me @kumkumiitd), then you might have witnessed a few of my Indian Wedding/Sangeet/Reception LOTDs posted earlier this year.

Nonetheless, I thought it would be a good idea to share them in a blog post as well. So, here comes the first one of the series, a reception LOTD for my cousin’s wedding. Let me give you a background, the wedding was literally kind of fairy tale weddings, where the prince (my cousin in this scenario) decided to sway his princess (his fiance) off her feet. They had a court marriage and followed it up with a reception attended by our near and dear ones.

So, I get a call one fine evening from my cousin inviting me for the reception on the next day. All I could mutter was a hurried congrats; with my mind already in a tizzy about … WHAT WOULD I WEAR???

As I went into a panic mode, searching my wardrobe for clothes (which stock up all kinds of clothes as is with all of us), but it’s always like: Water, Water everywhere, not a single drop to drink…
Finally, after an hour I got hold of this lovely Anarkali, with this classic golden and maroon combination, with lovely golden thread work embroidery. Then decided to pair it with some fusion traditional jewelry bought from a colleague and I was all set.

Dress: Pitambari, South Extension

Jewelry: Costume Jewelry

Footwear (not seen here): Nine West

So, what do you think about my rushed LOTD? Would love to hear about your rushed LOTDs. 

See ya...

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