Friday, July 19, 2013

My Experience with Pond's White Beauty BB Cream

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How are you doing today? The weekend is almost here and I am so so excited to go shopping with all the sales happening around. What are your plans? And I am definitely going to wear my newest BB cream from Pond's while venturing out :). Read on to know more about my experience...

Price: INR 125 for 18 ml of the product. The product is packaged in an opaque white coloured squeezable tube. The tube has a nozzle like opening, which allows the required amount of product to be dispensed. Very convenient, travel friendly, and super cute. I especially love the sleek silver cap, which elevates the packaging to another level.


Usage Instructions:



The BB cream is has a fairly floral smell, which lasts for 10-15 minutes after which it dissipates. The BB cream is very easy to blend and offers the coverage as expected of a tinted moisturiser. The presence of SPF offers an added bonus and thereby making it ideal for daily use. It would photograph well during daytime but offers a whitish cast in flash photography. Therfore, I apply it during daytime.
The coverage offered is natural / medium, which I like during my weekly grind. The Pond's BB cream is the only product that I am using during this hot and humid season as it offers a good sun protection, moisturization, and coverage. The Pond's BB cream brightens up my complexion and offers mild coverage of blemishes. Since, I work in an AC environment throughout the day, the BB cream stays put on me. I have also noticed that it doesn't transfer once set (which is after 1 - 2 minutes of application). I have even used it during humid conditions once and it lasted for 4-5 hours on me (without powder) and >6 hours (with powder). The BB cream also makes my skin dewy and glowy, which I quiet like and am simply loving this product during this year's hot/humid season.
If I have to look for a negative point, it would be the absence of shades, even though this shade suits me fine (even better than my VedicLine+ BB cream), but it wouldn't be suited to the variety of Indian skin tones.

Product rating: A, available at all beauty counters and online beauty shopping websites. Would definitely recommend Pond's White Beauty BB Cream to all you lovelies looking for a nice BB cream, do check this one out, but do a swatch test on your jawline before buying.

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