Friday, June 21, 2013

Say Hello to "Kumkum's Beauty and MakeUp World"

Hello Friends,

I am Kumkum Jain, the one whom many of you would associate with Mumma's Beauty World / Mumma's World. I have now shifted my old home and welcome you all to my new place "Kumkum's Beauty and MakeUp World".

So, do I hear why did she do it, is she nuts, and so on and so forth... But, I guess change is a simple way of moving ahead, which is what I want to accomplish here. I know many of you wouldn't be able to see my new updates, but I guess the bond which we share would allow us to stay connected always!!!

Therefore, I urge all of you to follow me at my new address now and soon I will put up a new Fb account as well. Looking forward to seeing most of you here :)

Three Cheers for Kumkum's Beauty and MakeUp World! Hip, Hip, Hurray !!!

Take care...

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