Monday, June 17, 2013

L'oreal Nail Art Stickers: 009 Pourde D'or

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How are you doing today? I am sharing a recent love of mine from the house of L'oreal today, L'oreal Nail Art Stickers in 009 Pourde D'or.

Price: INR 299 for 18 stickers, They come packaged in a sleek cover, showing some of the stickers. I feel they are really useful for travel when you don't want to carry bulky nail paints which could potentially ruin your outfits as well. These are great mess free solutions and are time saving as well.



My application steps mimicked the ones mentioned on the pack, first off peeled a sticker, which matched my nail size:

Second step, applied the nail art sticker onto the nail itself. I started from the base and stretched the sticker a bit while applying so that no bumps or air bubbles remain:

Step three, folded the sticker around the nail tip and filed away the remaining sticker:

This is how the nail looks after filing:

In the pic below, you would see that the sticker is protruding on the sides of my nail, this was taken care off by gently clipping away the extra bits, using a small scissors:

Final look:

The stickers are superb given the speed and simplicity they bring around to dressing up your nails. They look super awesome as well, I received hundreds of compliments on nails over the weekend. Closer look might reveal bumps and erroneous application, but they look better in person. Removing the nail art stickers was super easy, just peel them off and wash your nails with luke warm water and soap.
On my nails they lasted for around two days with all the hard work. I liked that as I get bored with my nail polish in two days itself, but I din't like the fact that they started peeling all by themselves. Further, the price is a bit too much I feel. Also, there are loads of options for nail sizes but I feel we do need to clip some sizes and that again requires some effort from our end.

Product rating: A-, available at most L'oreal counters and online beauty websites in India. I love L'oreal Nail Art Stickers for those days when I have to get ready within 5 minutes and yet make a polished statement to the world, but I still feel that L'oreal could have priced the Nail Art Stickers in the affordable range.

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