Thursday, May 2, 2013

My Online Fashion Jewellery Shopping Experience at

Hello Girls,

How are you gals doing today? I am sharing today with you another recent haul, this time fashion jewellery from one of the new entrants in the market. The brand is Juvalia and I got to know about this brand from one of my friends, who showed me some of the awesome jewellery, which she had purchased  I went back, checked the site and decided to buy two rings, which I loved the most :). Read on to know more about this brand...

To begin with, the site is designed beautifully and is pretty easy to browse, you can browse collections or browse the jewellery pieces you like. There are loads of jewellery pieces, both fashion as well as indian jewels. The finishing of these pieces is really awesome and they last years if cared for properly.

As the brand is new they have to learn something from the other vendors out there in terms of shipping and delivery. I will tell you all that happened when I shopped, first you create and account like we normally do and then you select your pieces and place the order. So far so smooth. I choose COD so obviously the order has to be conformed before being shipped. For the first time I couldn't pick the call, so I decided to call back, just like I do for Jabong. The person asked me to wait for the next call and said he couldn't confirm it as the number is a common number used by various departments.

Second time also I couldn't take the call, this was two days after placing the order. So, I waited and waited for the call but it never came. Finally, one week after placing the order, I receive a message that my order has been dispatched. Hello!!! what if I don't want my order by then???

Finally, it took another week for the order to be delivered to my shipping address. All in all a little complex system for delivery where we have people like Jabong and flipkart with express delivery systems....

Juvalia needs to learn a lot in terms of customer handling and delivery. On the other hand, Juvalia has free shipping which is a big plus point even for orders as low as INR 250.

I got my haul in like two weeks, but was not worried as it was COD, otherwise I would have had panic attacks. The rings arrived in their separate boxes with loads of literature on juvalia, their current offers, schemes, care for fashion jewellery and more. It made for lovely and colorful reading. 

Finally (my haul) the rings, the diamente ring is INR 750 and the other one with big blue stone is for INR 1250:

Hope you guys liked my haul. Do you shop for jewellery pieces online? Do let me know in the comments below.

Take care...


  1. lovely rings, the diamante one looks a bit like my wedding ring :P
    I have lately been shopping a lot from johareez for fashion jewellery - mainly rings like the diamente one - and they have prompt shipping - takes about 2-3 days - order is shipped within an hour of placing it :D

    1. thnx shilpa, will check out johareez soon :)

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