Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Flipkart Haul: April 2013

Hello Girls,

Wishing all of you a happy and bright day! Today, I am posting an new haul I did recently from Flipkart. I had been wanting glitter nail paints like since eternity, but couldn't get any here. I have even tried ordering some from cherry culture and Illamasqua but both my packages got lost during transit (I lost a good amount of money as well). After this I decided not to get anything else from these international websites and stick to our desi Online Shopping websites.

So, while browsing through Flipkart I was more than overjoyed, in fact I was jumping up and down on my office seat when I saw these cute little round glitter boxes from a brand "Ranara". At first, I was skeptical about buying this as the brand was new to me but then I did some googling and decided to buy it asap. So here's my haul:

The really pretty glitter box has 12 different colored glitters for nail art, really easy to use and so pretty and blingy, will do a nail art soon (after a long, long time):

After my excellent experience with the Nourish bosy scrub in Lemonkeez (review HERE), I went ahead and got two more scrubs in Rose and Juicy Apricot. Love scrubbing my skin in all weathers, both of them smell divine and I will review them soon for you:

Hope you enjoyed looking at my chotu haul, have you tried any of the above products before? Do share your experiences with me!

Take care...


  1. Nice haul....the glitters look so pretty and sparkley.

    1. yes Dollie, I can stare at the box for the whole day :)

  2. nice haul kumkum :)...that glitter set looks so pretty!!


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