Friday, March 15, 2013

Babyoye Website Review & Haul

Hey everyone,

I hope everyone is enjoying the warmth in the weather with a slight chill in the air. I personally love this weather a lot, but was not able to enjoy it during school days ‘cause of exams but now I have full freedom to do so and am planning on long drives for the weekend. Let’s see how the plans shape up J

All of you know that I have a kid around 2 and 1/2 years by now but have never shopped anything online for him. So this was the first time, I decided to scout something online for him. I browsed a few sites and settled on BabyOye, but am still trying some other websites before deciding on a favorite.
The website is quiet user friendly and colorful, with all the various categories available in a drop down fashion on the front page itself. Easy to navigate pages along with age, sex, and price range selection make browsing the website a dream.

They have literally a lot of variety in almost all categories of products I checked. I quiet enjoyed browsing. And they have discounts on diapers as well (which my local chemist refuses always). So, all in all a brilliant website for online kiddie goods shopping, which has become a new passion for the shopaholic me.

They have various payment options and shipping is free above INR 500. Also, they keep having these awesome sales, with some really cool deals. The best part for me is that they have various gifting options also.

So, this is all I ordered: huge bags of diapers, a night suit, some sleeveless t-shirts for the coming summers, and socks.

The stuff reached me in 5 days from the date of ordering, but all of it reached together and all the clothes and socks are of good quality.

My son enjoyed playing with all his new clothes and socks the whole night when we opened the package. The package was huge and we had a great time opening it, therefore no pics of the package. But I liked the fact that everything came in together.

Overall, I had a great shopping experience, the quality and price of the clothes are decent along with some amazing discounts on all kids products. I am yet to explore other kiddie websites and am sure they would be fun too...

Take care...

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