Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sephora India Visit and Hauls

Hello Girls,

Sorry for being MIA, I think this year has brought with it lots and lots of expectations for me, mainly on the work front. So, I have been very irregular with my blog posts. But hopefully, will try to do atleast 5 posts a week. I have so much to share with you guys in terms of products reviews and hauls that it has become overwhelming for me. I hope to clear all the backlog in the coming days, amen :)

Ok, so I think the title would have got all of you excited. Finally, I was able to visit the hyped Sephora in Delhi. In a single sentence I would say that the experience was enthralling and disappointing both. I guess most of us who have visited the place would agree.

I loved the place 'cause it is a haven for all makeup lovers like me and am a bit disappointed 'cause I want more brands in there. Also, most of the products were out of stock on most counters. Also, would have loved to have some glitter nail paints (which were all absent).

And here is my baby boy making his first appearance on my blog:

I saw the holiday collection launched here and had wanted to check out some sets from the collection and I picked up one pretty one for sure :)

These packages contain my haul:

This is what I picked from Sephora, Benefit's Sugerlicious beauty kit:

There were so many awesome benefit kits, which I feel score over buying individual products as I am never able to finish the full sized products completely. So, here I got both benetint and high beam, a beautiful blush and lipgloss all for the price of INR 2090, while the single blushes were priced at INR 2300.

The products inside:

This is what I picked from MAC, a lipgloss kit with four aweome lipglosses:

Price: INR 2400 (cool na!!!)

Let me know what you thought of my haul, can't stop staring at the glosses though :)

Have you been to Sephora?? Do let me know your thoughts in comments below :)

Take care...


  1. Nice haul Kumkum.:)
    Enjoy your goodies !!!

  2. I loved the Benefit kits but unfortunately none of the blush shades were showing on me :/ Lovely haul btw

  3. ur son is soooo cuute.. :)

  4. Ur son is a cutie :)
    Love the benefit stuff! I've been to Sephora in Paris and Singapore but not to the Delhi one yet.

    1. thanks Dollie, i have visted the one in Singapore and the Delhi one has to stock in a lot more brands to be able to reach there :)


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