Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sponge Nail Art Tutorial

Hello Girls, 

couldn't post the nails of the week yesterday, so here we go today :). On popular demand I have done a sponge nail art tutorial. This goes from white to blue and the following shades of nail paint were used.

The nail paints used titally depends upon the gradient you want. you might want to go from matte to gloss, dark to light and vice versa, or from pale to shimmer.

Here I am doing a blue gradient starting from white going to a dark nay blue.

First up, begin by painting your nails with the base color, this should be the lightest of all. I have chosen white and let the base color dry quiet thoroughly before starting the sponging.

Next take a makeup sponge and put the nail paints dirctly onto the sponge in the order you want them on your nails. I have placed white, then light blue, then dark blue.

Lightly dab the sponge over the nails going up and down to create a gradient effect. The nails may look a bit messy at this stage.

Clean your nail edges and apply a top coat which would enhance the gradient further.

Hope you girls like the tutorial, do try this super quick and awesome nail art :)

Take care...


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