Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Water Marble Nail Art Tutorial

Hello Girls,

On popular request I am posting a picture tutorial of the water marble nail art. Believe me , it is very simple to do and takes a few minutes of your time. You can do two / three nails together as well, saving you lots of time.

Starting off with the products required:

Zoya Nail Paint in Felicity
OPI Nail Paint in Lincon Park After Dark
A top coat of your choice
Nail paint remover Wipes
A small cup / glass
Filtered room temperature water

Step 1: Painted my nails with a single coat of Zoya Felicity and let them dry properly before starting off.

Step 2: Take room temperature filtered water in a cup. Unscrew the nail paints you require for the nail art.
Step 3: Place a scotch tape over your cuticles for easier cleaning or use Vaseline on your cuticles. I have done the latter.

Step 4: Start dropping a single drop of nail paint at a time in the water, close to the surface of water (see pics below). It should spread on the surface of water and form a film.

Step 5: Continue doing this till you see a pattern of rings on the surface of water.

Step 6: Take a toothpick and start drawing lines inwards from the second last layer of nail paint to the centre of the film. Do this till you achieve a desired pattern.

Step 7: Align your nail with the pattern of choice and place it over the film and then dunk you nail in water.

Step 8: Blow air over the film for a few seconds and remove the excess film with a toothpick.

Step 9: Remove you nail from water and cleanse around with nail paint remover and cotton buds / nail paint remover wipes.

Step 10: Apply top coat to protect and seal in your nail art. Enjoy!!!

Now for some tips:
1. Use new nail paints from the same brand. I didn't use them here and the nail art is not very neat like the previous one (read HERE).
2. Do this procedure with filtered room temperature water.
3. Don't try this under a fan as that would cause the film to dry quickly and wouldn't transfer to the nail.
4. Always use a top coat else the nail art wouldn't stay put.

Hope this tutorial was helpful and you girls liked it. Do give it a try, you will marvel at the beauty of this simple yet elegant nail art. Would love to see the wonderful designs you girls come up with, do share your designs as well.

Take care..


  1. very nice tutorial..i will share my marble nail art soon.. :-)

  2. wow... i dont know whether i will be able to do it.. its an art :)

    1. do try it supriya, you will definitely be able to do it, just follow the step above :)

  3. Awesome..thnk u so much di for the amazing tutorial..I will try it.

  4. oh..great art...I loved this post a lot.. thank for sharing


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