Thursday, October 11, 2012

Smokey Makeup Tutorial using INR 1100 Haul Products

Hey Girls,

This is another look, which I tried with the INR 1100 makeup challenge products (read HERE). I had been wanting to try this look for a long time and finally found some time to put it up here, it's the smokey eye makeup look, perfect for the coming winters.

Below are the products used: 

Step 1: Start off by applying the Lotus Herbals foundation on the eyearea, both the upper and lower ones and blend. Powder the area if you have really oily lids, it will keep everything in place and prevent creasing.

Step 2: Lined my upper and lower ash lines havily with kajal / kohl.

Step 3: Smudged the kohl on the upper lash line using my ring finger, taking the kohl upwards and outwards.

Step 4: Patted the navy blue color on the entire upper eyelid area and along the lower lash line keeping the innermost corner free. Kept on adding more eyeshadow near the lash lines and blended them upwards and outwards to create the smokey effect.

Step 5: Placed the shimmery pink eyeshadow on the inner most corner of the eyes to open up the eyes.

Step 6: Applied masacara to both top and bottom lashes.

Step7: Filled my eyebrows by mixing black and brown eyeshadows. Done.

Both eyes:

For the face, I applied the Lotus Herbals foundation all over. Next, I applied loose powder all over my face to set the foundation and get a even skin tone. Used Elle 18 lippie in Spice Ginger, as cheek and lip color.


Hope you girls like the smokey eyes look + tutorial. Let me know in the comments below.

Take care...


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