Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Maybelline Colorama Nail Paint (MY) Collection Swatches

Hello ladies,

Hope you are doing good. So this week, I am swatching my Maybelline Colorama Nail Paints, which I recently purchased (read HERE).

Marinho, a gorgeous blue with very fine shimmer (almost golden), nothing too gritty or sparkly. I love the depth of the color and my swatch below is two coats. The color applied evenly without streaking.

Amerelo Sol is a bright yellow color, which is like very in your face. But I like it for the very same reason. My swatch below is two coats.

Perla is off-white with fine shimmer, the color is actually like pearls. The consistency of the nail paint is very fluid and sheer. One requires a god number of coats to make it opaque. My swatch below is two coats.

Gabriele is an intense creme finish orange-red color. Gorgeous and looks very alive in person. The finish is very nice and my swatch is again two coats.

Black is just as the name suggests, but in creme finish. I love the way my nails look with this on. Applied beautifully and my swatch below is two coats.

Apart from these, I have three more from the same range. They have been reviewed individually HERE, HERE, and HERE.

I like this range for the affordability, choice of colours, and the choice of finishes. They have indeed the best of all these for a drugstore brand.

How do you guys find the Maybelline Colorama range? Which ones you like the most and which ones you own?

Take care...


  1. I too have its consistency..

    1. am liking all of them so much, great for water marble nail art :)


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