Monday, September 17, 2012

USD 20 = INR 1100 Makeup Challenge

Hello Girls,

How was your weekend, hope all of you had a blast!!! I for one did and got a Hidesign handbag (will show you the pics tomorrow, haven't been able to transfer all mu stuff to it properly, but to tell you all, it's bigger and better than my earlier bag. I love it :)

Now, coming to what this post is actually about, some of you might have guessed, but some of you might be wondering, what does she mean by all this???

Recently, while surfing on the blogosphere, I came across USD 20 makeup challenge posts, where the challenge is to find some decent makeup within USD 20, which you could use on a daily basis and maybe for some occasions. So, that made me thinking, can we something similar here???

Here's my haul for USD 20 = INR 1100, and I am glad to say that I could definitely find some decent makeup over here in India that could be used to create a variety of looks. Will be doing lots and lots of looks with these products in the near future.

Coming up is the haul pic:

As most of you would have guessed this haul was done via online shopping, yes, but I would suggest that if you are starting off with makeup, I would suggest that you should physically match the foundation shade with your skin tone, and also try out some lipstick shades as they might make you look washed out.

Moreover, I feel that before splurging on very high end products, one could try practising with these ones, till you are confident enough to do your own makeup.

Now the products one by one:

1. Foundation: I picked up a foundation stick by Lotus Herbals, this looked nice and promised four products in one, and it also saved me the trouble of buying a concealar separately, so I went ahead with it. I got this in the shade Peach Nude, matches my skin tone perfectly, the coverage is also pretty decent. I got this one for around INR 300.

2. Rose Powder: Next I went ahead with a loose powder from Lakme, had seen my mum using it for years and always keep one nearby till date. Firstly, I love the smell of this powder and secondly it helps me set my makeup brilliantly. Check the MFG Date prior to buying though as some very old stock is also doing rounds.
Got this for INR 86.

3. Kajal: A definite must have for all Indian women, girls and alike. Got this one from Lakme for only INR 50. I am planning to use it as a eyeliner as well.

4. Eyeshadows: Found this really awesome eyeshadow pallete from LAColors in Warm online. Actual price: INR 350, got this for INR 290. As you have noticed I don't have any eyeliner pencils as I think the eyeshadow palette has a lot of colors, which could be used as an eyeliner.

5. Mascara: Another must have, got this Maybelline one for INR 166 even though it retails for INR 200. I am actually quiet liking the effect it gives to my lashes.

6. Blush + Lipsticks: I got these two super awesome llipcolors from Elle18, one is creme finish with no shimmer, looks matte after some time and another one is shimmery, which I thought would work great for night time and with smokey eyes. These were for INR 100 each.

So the total cost comes out to be: INR (300 + 86 + 50 + 290 + 166 + 200) = INR 1092. Yay I have got all the makeup I need in a little less than INR 1100.

Now, the next challenge for me is to use these products to create some looks, and see if that is possible or not. Stay tuned girls...

Take care...


  1. good tip on checking out the manufacture dates on most products.

    1. yes dear, we are so much oogling over the shades that we tend to forget :)

  2. Nice haul....i will be tryin the lotus herbals foundation....
    n the Elle 18 lipsticks look soo pretty...

    1. yeah the shades have turned out to be prettier than I thought :)

  3. i saw Michelle 's video yesterday on this..and was thinking to do a similar thing ! good shopping kumkum..She used lipsticks as blush too :)

    1. yeah even I saw her's and a lot more bloggers do the same. Wanted to check if we could find something in India below 1000 bucks, and there were actually a lot of options. Had a hard time picking and choosing stuff :)


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