Friday, September 21, 2012

Simple Day Makeup using INR 1100 Haul Products

Hello Girls,

Hope all of you are doing fine. This week simply flew by, I didn't even have the time to realize that it was already Friday and the weekend is upon us!!! Better late than never though and I am super excited as always for this weekend. I am planning on trying out a few traditional sweet dishes and hopefully will try and share the recipes with you guys.

Today I am doing another very simple day look, which is so simple that it takes barely five minutes of your time yet gives you a very polished and sophisticated look. This was also my go to makeup look when I was in college.

Step 1: Start off by applying the Lotus Herbals foundation on the eyearea, both the upper and lower ones and blend. Powder the area if you have really oily lids, it will keep everything in place and prevent creasing.

Step 2: Applied Kohl heavily to my bottom lids and smudged the kohl with my ring finger. Since I have small eyes I generally keep my lower lashes blank but for this look I am doing the complete opposite. 

Step 3: Lined my upper and lower lash lines with a grey colored eyeshadow from the LA Colors eyeshadow pallete shown below. This was done to prevent racoon eyes, as the eyeshadow prevents the kajal from goign everywhere and the kajal smudges maximum to till the eyeshadow. This allows the kajal to stay on for the entire day without smudging.

Step 4: Applied loads of mascara and the eye makeup is complete.

For the face, I applied the Lotus Harbals foundation more as a concelaer to conceal pigmentation and blemishes on my face. Next, I applied loose powder all over my face to set the foundation and get a even skin tone.
Used Elle 18 lippie in Pomegranate Pie, matte plummy shade as a cheek and lipcolor


Hope you girls like this simple yet natural yet polished look, ideal for going everywhere and enhances your eyes beautifully.

Take care...


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