Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Nails of the Week: Free Hand Striping

Hello Girls,

Welcome the Nails of the Week. I have a new possession in my vanity case, that is Jordana Pop-Art Nail striper. This week I have used that to create some free-hand striping nail art on my nails. Even though it looks a bit complicated, it is not.

And free hand striping is the best form of nail art, quick and lets you work according to your fancy. For me, this was easier than using a stamping plate.

For thi sdesign I used Streetwear Barely Nude (review HERE) as the base coat. Then created stripes using the Jordana Pop Art Nail Design with Precision Brush (in Black Mark). I really like this striper, came in cheaper compared to other ones in the market at INR 179), pretty long brush, allows you to control the stripe and covers your whole nail in one go.

Filled in with Streetwear Nail Paint in Bridal Red (review HERE) and Maybelline Colorama Nail Paint in Verde Palmeria (review HERE). Once the nail paints dried, I did some more free hand striping on the colors, created dots and some more stripes.
The little finger got a little messed up, couldn't clean the edges, have to get a nail paint corrector pen super soon.

Overall, I quiet like the end result, hope you guys would like it too!!!

Take care...


  1. wowwww! It's nice kumkum :)You can use special nail-arts nail-polish for can design very well with them..I also prefer to use them 'cause i can delicately make my design :)

    1. thanks Simpita, I have used a Jordana nail art polish with a very thin brush to come up with this, it's really nice will do a review of that soon :)

  2. looks really artistic and pretty.... :)


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