Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Nail Art of the Week: Flowery... Minty...OR Both

Hey Girls,

I am back to blogging!!! Oh it was painful and difficult yet sometimes when you and your kid (both) are not well, then you know that everything is not in your hands :)

But no complaints, I am feeling a bit better but kids generally take up a few days to heal and add to that the non-compliance or rather no-liking for medicines, ha ha ha!!! Am sounding so much like a tired and cribbing mommy, but am so not. Life is always fun with kids and they show you a different perspective of the world everytime.

Ok, coming to the nails of the week, this time I decided to go for MINT (review HERE), but added a liitle tweak by painting my ring finger nail in black (review HERE) and adding two small MINTY flowers on it. 

Am simply loving the combo, what about you??? Do share in your comments below.

Take care...


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