Monday, July 9, 2012

My Fashion Jewellery Collection

Hello Friends,

If you think this is the week off show off, I would say that you are absolutely right. These hauls were done over the past few months but never shared. So, stay tuned for more haul posts in the coming days.

Most of the jewellery shown here has been purchased from the talented Deepika (she is the founder of 'Deepika Designs'). You can visit her website here and her facebook page here.

All this jewellery is handmade and I simply love all the designs. She couriered me all these in a cardboard box, which safely reached me within a week from my order.

The bangles:

The earrings:

The necklace:

Coming to the rings, they are from 'Styonal' and I simply love each one of them:

That's it girls, this is my very modest Fashion Jewellery collection. Hope you guys liked it!

Take care...


  1. very nice..the earings especially look wear them in your LOTDs some time..

  2. nice earrings....looks very attractive

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