Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tickle Your Tastebuds And Make Your Life Delicious and SoulFlower Giveaway

Hello Friends,

One of the talented bloggers out there, Lavanya of Tickle Your Tastebuds And Make Your Life Delicious has a lovely giveaway on her blog sponsored by SoulFlower.

The winner stands to win INR 1000 gift voucher from SoulFlower. Click here to participate.

The giveaway ends on July 31, 2012. All the very best :)

Take care...


  1. Hey Kumkum. You are now qualified for the giveaway. You have earned 11 entries in the giveaway. Can you make your page public so that I can verify that you are following Soulflower. I am not able to do so since its private. Hence I didnot count that additional entry. Please do the same and confirm.
    My best wishes to you!

    1. thanks for qualifying my entry for your giveaway Lavanya, I have made my twitter profile public and you can now verify my following Soulflower. Thanks once again :)


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