Friday, June 15, 2012


Hey Girls,

Today I am sharing with you guys my 5 MUST HAVE products from one of my favourite makeup brands MAC.

1. LIPGLASS: It's nothing but lip gloss (one of the best out there). One of my most lusted after MAC products ever. Lipglass was one of mu first buys from MAC, even though initially I was a bit wary of the stickiness, now I have gotten used to it and the creamsheen lipglasses have overcome the stickiness part totally. Currently I own two, Geo Pink (review here) and Lust (review here).

 Geo Pink:

2. FLUIDLINE: Oh! here I go again, the most magical product ever. I am totally and completely in love these. Don't fade, crease, smudge, and above all totally waterproof. Love the formula of the fluidlines. The only drawback being the requirement of an eyeliner brush for application. I have Waveline (review here) and Added Goodness (review here).

Added Goodness:

3. MAC Paint Pots: The famous one being Painterly but the others were equally impressive. Work fabulously as eye makeup primers, and help to increase the longetivity of your eye shadows all the while preventing creasing.

4. MAC CremeBlend Blush: I currently have only the blush in Posey (review here), but it has become my mst have makeup product, for like always. Excellent texture, easy blendability, and above all stays on for 6+ hours on me in all kinds of weather.

5. MAC Eyeshadows: The best eyeshadows ever, in my opinion. Excellent in terms of pigmentation, crease free and last for almost the whole day, check my review here and here.

 Expensive pink:

This is my list of must haves from MAC, what are your favourites?? Do write in the comments section below.

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  1. i am completely gaga over the lipglass and fluidline. saving for it and will soon buy it..

    1. do buy them supriya, you will be ann addict for life :)

    2. kumkum is there is dupe for the mac lipglass in nyx megashine range?

    3. hey supriya, which MAC lipglass you are talking about: lust or geo pink ???

    4. I think nyx megashine gloss in Natural would be a close dupe for MAC lust :)

  2. i absolutely love fluidline..i have the waveline shade n its the best product i ever bought..cant wait to try the cremeblend blush after i read ir review

    1. glad u liked the review, do try the blushes, u will luv them :)


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