Monday, May 21, 2012

My ITALIAN (Cosmetics) HAUL

Hi everyone,

Recently one of my friends went to ITALY for a vacation, and we were both super excited by this news. Next both of us searched on and on for Italian Cosmetic brands and found KIKO being listed on most of the blogs. I prepared a list of products and gave her to bring home, and she very sweetly obliged me. So, as soon as she landed in Milan, she went and looked for KIKO and got all stuff for me.

This is what I got: crystal sheer lipstick (tropical orange), Soft Touch blush (gold fishing), and a mint green nail paint.

Enjoy the pics GALS !!!

The blush has a mirror within which I love so much.

Lovely orangey lipstick, reminds me of Anushka's lipstick in Canon Ad:

Mint is so in, am loving this nail paint so much:

Stay tuned for reviews :), what would you like me to review first ???

Take care...


  1. please review the lipstick first kumkum..

  2. awwww nice haul me bowled over it

  3. nice haul Kumkum.. i want to see the lipstick swatch <3 <3

  4. lovely haul..waiting for the lipstick review.. :)

    1. thanks kuheli :), review would be up soon :)

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