Monday, May 14, 2012

5 Must Have Products for Summers

Hey People,

I am sure all of you would be enjoying all summery things right now, such as cola, ice creams, lollies and what not!! But apart from all these icy delights, all of you must be having a list of some essential summer products you can't do without.

Here are my 5 must haves for this summer:

1. MAC Fuidline in Waveline (review here): Am loving this one so much, almost wearing this day in and day out. It has replaced all my pencil liners :), love the texture, ease of application, staying power, and the color.

2. VLCC Mint Lip Balm (review here): Love the minti-ness, this lip balm spreads, a must have for me in summers here in North India :)

3. Deodorant: Hate, hate, hate BO. Therefore a must have for me always, makes me feel fresh anytime of the day, no favorites here, but I prefer Fa and Nivea roll-ons.

4. MAC Lipglass - LUST (review here): Been using this everyday since got this from the MAC store. Am loving this completely, can be paired with any eye look and makes me look put together even when worn alone :)

5. Konad Nail Art (review here): Ever since getting the Konad Starter kit, I have been obsessed about dressing up my nails, it's just a fun way to add something to your look :)

So, these were my must haves this summers, what are yours? Do share in the comments section below :)

Take care...


  1. i have the hiphop nail enamel removal pads too :)
    loved the haul Kumkum

    1. thanks Vish :), me too love the hip hop nail pads, this is not a haul post but mostly a must have list post for me this summers :)

  2. totally love the mac fluidline.. saw your post on it too.. your eyes are so beautiful...

  3. hi.....nice compilation. loved the LUST shade.

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