Saturday, April 14, 2012

NOTD: Sally Hansen Glided Chrome Finish

Hey Girls,

Just thought of sharing this wonderful nail paint with you girlz, it is not mine and a friend was generous enough to share this with me, knowing my obsession with metallic foil nail paints. She has had this for a long long time, almost ancient, but with the gold craze, I thought of sharing it with you guys, with some help from her.

So, here's the NOTD:

And here's the awesome nail paint in an wornout bottle, still maintaining the same texture and fluidity as when it was new. The shade # 44 Gilded Pearl Chrome.

What you see in the pics above is just one coat of nail paint, dries within a minute of application, and gives the nails this lovely matte finish. These finishes are not available in India and she also got this as a gift for her marriage.

Am just loving the effect and color of the nail paint, what about you?

Take care...


  1. Lovely shade !!!!!!!!!!!! I m also eyeing couple of shades from Sally hansen

    1. thanks shalini, love the sally hansen nail paints :)

  2. Ur nails look perfect :)

  3. oh mY , i just love this one, thanks for sharing it with us!! will keep a look out for it.


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