Sunday, April 1, 2012

My shopping experience and haul at

Hello People,

By now all of you must be aware of my birthday hauling, which I have been flaunting sharing with you guys. Some things remained in my haul, which I ordered from I had been wanting to buy an OPI nail paint since long, but could not do so because of lack of the shades I required on most websites. Also, I was vary of the cheap dupes, which are flooding the markets everywhere. So, while surfing I came across this website blab, which stocks limited but some Indian, some luxury, and some foreign brands (not available here).

So, I ordered 2 nailpaints from OPI, one from Zoya, and a shampoo bar from soulflower on 20th of March, 2012. I was also excited to see them stocking up on OPI crackle in six shades.

Next day I received a mail saying that since they could not reach me on my phone they have not processed my order, so I replied immediately and confirmed the order. They also told me that they would split up the order into two as OPI would take some more time. They also informed that Zoya and soulflower would be delivered in 3-4 working days and OPI in 6-7 working days. This was on Wednesday, 21st of March.

I said all right, since it was a COD (I always have the first order as COD, to check the reliability if the site).

I received information from them on Monday about the shipment of the first order i.e. Zoya and soulflower. It reached me safely on Tuesday.

Let me show you pics of the box, all bubble wrapped:

My invoice and products bubble wrapped:

Some more bubble wraps:

Finally, the products:

Same packaging was followed for the two OPI nail paints that I ordered:

So far I am loving the OPI nail paints, now I know why they are the most sought after nail paints in the world, would review the shades soon.

I would say my experience with blab has been good, in the sense that they stock products in a better variety of shades and from brands not easily accessible to us in our Indian market. Also, just loved the way how they bubble wrapped everything. Both my orders (after splitting) came to more than INR 400 and hence I got free shipping on both. They offer free shipping as well, from the numbers, I guessed that they are located somewhere in Mumbai, which was confirmed once I received the invoice.

There was only one glitch in the whole shopping experience and that was the time the products took to reach me, generally I very impatient while shopping and love to use the products as soon as I receive them, but sadly the fun of shopping was killed by the time delay. Other things were very nice, with the courier people calling to confirm in advance about my availability and the safe wrapping of the products, but when compared to the other ones, since this was the first hau for my birthday, it came very late, and I lost enthusiasm by then, which I regained on seeing OPI.

So, I would say in two lines, a very good lineup of brands and products, safe packaging options, but a slightly sluggish delivery from blab. But, I for one would keep ordering OPI from them, it has by far the largest number of shades available compared to other websites.

Take care...


  1. i have never ordered from them..may be will get some next month..:)

    1. they are a bit slow in delivery, but they have OPI and Zoya in lots of shades, which I like :)


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