Tuesday, April 24, 2012

MAC SHOP MAC COOK MAC Collection and my Haul

Hey girlz,

It's been quiet some time, since I am singing about the SHOP MAC COOK MAC collection. I attended the event hosted by MAC in Select City Walk, which was full of fun, frolic, and colors. A big bonus, it involved shopping, which is becoming my favorite pasttime of late.

The place was going crazy with the girlz trying out and buying stuff makeup from the new collection. In fact, since this collection is a limited edition, some of the stuff was out of stock already. So, here are some pics of the event. As you can see they created a supermarket with aisles, with makeup counters at the sides where you could try the products.

And here is my haul from the collection:

I got kissable lipcolor in Scnadelicious, this was the last piece left, and I was so relived to get my hands on this, had been eyeing this lipcolor since peacocky, and a fluidline in added goodness (a blackened brown).

Reviews would be up soon, for now enjoy the pics!!

Do, check out the collection while it lasts, some really cool shades for summers.

Take care...


  1. The lip color looks lovely..and nice haul....Waiting for the reviews!! :)

    1. thanks Cali, the lip color is actually quiet nice, would do a review soon :)


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