Friday, April 20, 2012

Collective Online Haul: April

Hey people,

I have been spending like crazy throughout this month. Every few days, gave a few online orders. Been going crazy !!!

So here I am sharing the collective haul for this month from Urbantouch, and Goodlife. I guess the birthday hauling fever is not over yet :)

All this stuff was ordered online (it has become my favorite mode of shopping ever).

From urbantouch, I hauled Konad Stamping kit, Neoveda Rose water, Sally Hansen Lip Inflation extreme, Iraya Lavender cream and Iraya Body Lotion. Got a free sample of Alow Veda soap, smells divine.

Goodlife is stocking Victoria Secret and B&B products as well, I ordered a scrub from VS and a foot soak from Vedic Line.

Hope you enjoyed my haul. Stay tuned for lots of reviews!!!

Take care...


  1. Exciting haul you have here :) Can't wait for the Sally Hansen Inflation extreme review !!

    1. Thanks Swathi, review for Sally Hansen Lip Inflation coming soon!!!

  2. DO a review of Iraya products I want to have a look at them...... How much do they cost?

  3. lovely haul..i want the iraya product reviews first too :)
    n the nail stamping to use n all..a detailed one on it :)

  4. nice shopping kumkum.....can u review neo veda rose water

    1. thanks Smita, you can find the review here


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