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Welcome, the new tag craze going around in the blogosphere called Tag-O-Mania. I have been tagged into this by Namita (she has a wonderful blog names Vivacious Flair). So, what is this all about, let's begin with this:

Firstly,The Rules.

Rule#1: Put the rules on your blog.

Rule#2: Every person tagged should tell 11 things about themselves, answer the 11 questions asked by the one that tagged you, tag 11 other people and ask them 11 different questions.

Rule#3: Let the people whom you tagged know you've done so.

Rule#4: Don't tag anyone who's been tagged before.

Rule#5: Really do tag 11 others, don't go all ''if you want to take this tag''.

Lets start with the tag :)

11 things about me :

1. I have a BIG sweet tooth.
2. I have been very lazy during my younger days, which I regret now.
3. I have started loving cooking, all that cutting, chopping, and churning acts as a big stress buster for me.
4. I am a very good at extracting information from people (remember Abhay Deol from ZNMD).
5. I love watching movies (all kinds).
6. I have not read a single book in the past three years (my BAD).
7. I am sh?t scared of driving (don't even know how to drive a bicycle).
8. I was a topper throughout my School and College years.
9. I love GOA!!!
10. I have never cheated even once during my exams.
11. I simply cannot take my eyes off Hrithik Roshan (yes that is so true)...

The following questions are what Namita has asked:

Q1 While crossing a road , what you do.. run, walk fast or hop (don’t ask why m askin this :\ just tellme okay !!)
I would walk.

Q2 When was the last time you clicked your own pic ? :p (I wanna see how many soul sisters I have here depending on the answer okay !!)
I clicked my own pic just last night while doing swatches for a product review (but believe me I have to perfect the art)

Q3 Do you also get stares when you can’t find keys in your bag and everytime you dig in sth like a lip balm comes up ?
Yeah, happens quiet a lot when I am out with my husband...

Q4 The movie you love to the core and why ?
I love Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander (it makes me go back in time and for Aamir)

Q5 Do you give your friends makeup suggestions and if yes then tellme any blunder you made doing this ?
Yes, I do give makeup suggestions, but then I don't know if I have made any blunders as of yet...

Q6 What inspires you ?
Right now, my child's smile

Q7 Have you stolen something? If yes then what and when ? (we love details !!)
Yes, when I was a kid I stole some money from my Granny's purse, got caught, and swore to never do it again.

Q8 Does this thought ever comes to your mind,, “God!! I have so much stuff in my closet ” (admit it will ya!!)
Every morning and night when I open my closet, the thought comes to my mind, the stuff has started to fall from my cupboard now.

Q9 The last piece of chocolate you had,, where n when?
I had it two days ago, at home after dinner.

Q10 The first thing you notice about a person? And your logic behind it..
I notice the person's eyes because they say "eye are the mirrors of your soul"

Q11 Our first personal cell phones are very dear to us, which one was yours , do you still have it ?(lame ya i know that,, be smart you smarty pants and answer it..)
My first phone was Sony T100, loved it, though minuscule and basic, had many functionalities which I still carve for.

Okay so now, it's my turn to ask you some questions, just to know you all better...

1. What according to you is infectious?
2. Which was your first cosmetic buy and when?
3. Do you love sunsets or sunrises and why?
4. What are the 5 things you can't live without...
5. What were you doing right before reading this?
6. Do you love Indian sweets? If yes, which one?
7. If you were the last person on earth what would you do?
8. Which is your favourite perfume?
9. What do you do when you are super stressed?
10. Have you ever stolen anything?
11. Did you have a crush on your neighbour and when?

Last but not the least, it's my turn to 11 wonderful bloggers, and I tag....

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11) Style  Fashion Etc.

Yay, completed the Tag-O-Mania, lovely way to know about so many people in one go, do vist the tagged bloggers (they have some awesome stuff to share with everyone)

Take care...


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