Thursday, March 29, 2012

My shopping experience at

Hey beauties,

As most of you would know by now, I have done quiet a bit of online shopping to celebrate my birthday. So, I thought of sharing my experiences on the sites with you one by one. Firstly, all of you would be knowing by now that I am a huge fan of Urbantouch, so never ordered from anywhere else, since they delivered just the very next day as they are based in the same city as mine. 

So, why did I move to other sites, there is a short story behind this. Recently, I wanted a hot pink eyeliner from Lakme Fantasy collection, which was nowhere to be found, I did a google search and only two sites, VioletBag and 365gorgeous stocked it. But, violetbag had a better discount so I decided to order from there.

I quiet liked the site interface, which is very user friendly and easy to navigate. I ordered the eyeliner, filled out a simple form with my contact details, was taken to the payment options, chose to pay by credit card and I was sorted. I was informed that a call from them would confirm the order and then they would proceed with the order dispatch. This was on Thursday, 22 March 2012 at around 5:00 pm in the evening.

So, I received the call from their customer care and confirmed the order. They send you confirmations via SMS and email as well. I guessed by their number that they are based in bangalore, so I was skeptic about receiving the order early, I was thinking that they would take a week to deliver the order, but I was in for a surprise...

I got a call from a courier service about my package Monday morning and had the eyeliner in my hand before noon on Monday. I was both overjoyed and surprised by this.

My package was all violet in color with a very nice and sturdy packaging:

The eyeliner was first wrapped in bubble wrap and then placed safely in a ton of thermocol pieces which I quiet liked:

Finally the eyeliner itself:

What more I liked was the fact that they offer free shipping on all purchases above INR 250, so this came with free shipping. Also, they have a scheme of violet coins (5 violet coins = 1Re), which you can use from your third purchase as discount. Also, currently they are offering a free gift on purchase on INR 1000 and above.

Though the number of brands is quiet limited, I feel the service and quality of delivery is quiet good. Overall, I am happy and satisfied with my shopping at violetbag and plan do it more often.

Take care...


  1. yea i love shopping from violet bag too :)

    1. yes sukanya, found it to be a nice site :)

  2. Violet color is my favorite color and in bags i loved leather bags. It looks fantastic and everyone must say it looks great.

    man and van

    1. me love violets and purples and the customer service at this site is great too :)


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