Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My birthday hauls

Hello People,

As promised here , I am going to show off my chotu haul on my birthday. The haul includes some shopping from online sites and is a little incomplete as one of the websites has failed to deliver even after a week (more on that later).

So, here is the collective haul:

From MAC:

1. Fluidline in Waveline (last heard, this was Kareena eyeliner in Kurbaan)
2. Expensive Pink eyeshadow
3. Ricepaper (the most sought after highlighter)

Wanted to include a kit from Glitter and Ice collection as well, but it is out of stock at most places, but the hunt continues...

Sally Hansen French manicure in nearly nude:

Lakme Fantasy eyeliner in Pink Crystal (hot pink eyeliners are in, wanted one so badly):

So, this is it for now, some more items are expected by this weekend, so would post them later.

So people, stay tuned for upcoming reviews on websites, products, and some new looks.

Take care...


  1. want to see how the hot pink eyeliner looks in eyes ,pls share an eotd with it ..and yeah expensive pink n ricepaper are most sought after eye shadows :) nice haul

    1. Sure sukanya, will do an EOTD soon, can't wait to try it out, looks awesome in swatches though. Wanted to include my hauls from blab.co.in as well, but the packages are delayed :(

  2. Ahaan :) Now this is how girls should treat themselves ;) :D Nice picks..do an EOTD with the fluidline :) I am a huge Kareena fan :)

    1. thanks Namita, would surly do an EOTD with fluidline, can't stop staring at the pot though :)


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