Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Blisscovered box: March Edition 2012 (Cancelled!!!)

Hello People,

Just yesterday evening I received a mail from Blisscovered team for confirmation of my address. I was excited thinking that it would be for the next box as I had subscribed for next three boxes in January 2012 (box shown here). I received the February box (shown here) last month.

Yesterday's address confirmation was for the refund of my remaining two boxes subscription. It was a shock and I felt very disappointed as I had come to love the boxes so much. Plus, the surprise factor made it so much fun.

They have promised to contact me again once they relaunch the boxes. Hope they do so soon!!!

Take care...


  1. uff one company is cancelling the subscriptions and some other is delaying and delaying further its very own launch.
    yeh ho kya raha hai :\

    1. i am so heartbroken at this news... what is happening first glossybox, and now this. btw namita, have you heard from the glossybox people???

  2. That's bad...hope they relaunch it soon!

    1. i was really shocked by this news, really want some luxury box in india.

  3. Hey girls,
    I am launching a new luxury box and really happy o see people's interest.
    I would love to invite you all.


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