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Home Made Post-Natal Massage Oil

Guest Post by Chand

The ancient art of massaging has been practiced for centuries and by all cultures around the world. In India it is termed as 'Tel Malish' and is given utmost important for a new mother.

Post-Natal massage is a wonderful gift a new mom can be given! The message gives a relief feeling to the aching muscles. After the delivery process, the major issue is tiredness. Breastfeeding and nursing the newborn also adds to the exhaustion.

Post-Natal massage helps in
- relaxing
- stress relieving
- low back pain
- hand and wrist pain
- relieving aches on shoulders and neck
- scar healing
- shrinking the uterus to original size
- headaches
- depression
- postural dysfunctions
- toning up the body and weight loss
- above all, healthy lactation
- blood circulation

For a mother who has delivered her baby naturally, it is generally pretty safe to go for a post-natal massage. For those who delivered by caesarian, be sure to consult your doctor.

The Post-Natal massage treatment is a traditional one, which has been handed down several generations and even practiced today. This treatment involves the use of massage oil. The massage oil should be carefully chosen which will help in supporting skin elasticity and flexibility of tissue, and also reduce common stretch marks caused by pregnancy.

Make your own Post-Natal massage oil:

You will need a spoon full of black cumin seeds (Kalo jeera) and turmeric powder. And half litre of pure coconut oil.

Coconut oil is a great stretch mark cream that nourishes damaged skin. It also nourishes cracked, sore, and dry breast nipples. The natural aroma of coconuts help to lower the stress level and relieve mental fatigue. Coconut oil stimulates the metabolism, decrease unwanted fat and realign tummy muscles.

Black cumin seed is one the most revered medicinal seeds. These seeds help in treating skin infection, moisturize the skin, relieve pain, and make wrinkles vanish. Black cumin seeds were found in several sites from ancient Egypt including Tutankhamun's tomb.

Turmeric needs no introduction on its skin care properties. Turmeric helps in shrinking and soothes the scars and stretch marks.

Method of preparation:
1. Place an empty pan over the flame.
2. Drop the black cumin seeds onto the empty pan. Let the seeds heat for about one minute.
3. Now add turmeric to the pan. Heat the contents in the pan for another one minute.
(Make sure you keep stirring the contents in the pan).
4. Now add coconut oil to the pan. Heat the oil in sim for just one minute. (Do not over heat or boil the oil).
5. Leave the cumin seeds and turmeric in the oil overnight before use.

Make sure the flame is in sim mode for the entire preparation. It is advisable to use iron kadai/pan for heating the oil and leaving the oil overnight in it. You need not separate the seeds and turmeric from the oil while using the oil. They will however settle down at the bottom in the oil.

Your massage oil is ready for use. Below is the image of the end result of home made massage oil.

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About the Author:
Chand is a working mother of an active 10 month old daughter with a passion for blogging and loves to share her wonderful motherhood experiences with one and all.


  1. Hi Chand, I had used plain olive oil for my post natal massage. Wish I had known this one earlier, with such good ingredients.

  2. The turmeric and kala jeera always help in reducing skin irritation and other problems


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