Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Zangoora - the Gypsy Prince at Kingdom of Dreams

Hey people,

Hope all of you had a nice weekend. I for one had a blast with my hubby. It was my anniversary on 22nd Jan (sunday). Started celebrating from Saturday itself. Wanted to share the happiness with you guys.

On Saturday, we went to Kingdom of Dreams, well it's less than 5 kms from our home to watch Zangoora. We have been to the culture gully earlier with my baby, had been planning to go for Zangoora. What could be a better occasion than our anniversary?

The entrance of Kingdom of Dreams is grand as in GRAND. Elephants, drums, and royal Indian decorations greet you at the entrance.

The culture gully is a separate space inside which you would find food, jewellery, clothes, and gift items from various Indian states.

above: entrance culture gully

Then there is Nautanki Mahal, where the live shows happen. Apart from currently running Zangoora, Nautanki Mahal has had Franz Harare performing his magic show (couldn't go because of time commitments). So, this anniversary we decided to gift ourselves Zangoora tickets. And boy, what a musical. I have never seen any live performances before this, so the whole experience was both awesome and magical.

above: entrance Nautanki Mahal

Zangoora the Gypsy Prince has been advertised as India's answer to Broadway. If you ask me have they succeeded in creating the broadway? I would say: HELL yeah!!!

The story is typical Indian movie lost and found story, where an evil plan is hatched against the ruling king. The child is taken away by a loyal gurad who is hit by the following evil king's men. The child is then found by bajara's where their leader brings up the son as his own and names him Zangoora. The rest of play is all about Zangoora's journey back to the throne. The story unfolds over 21/2 hours with a 20 minutes break in between.

above: breakout area of Nautanki Mahal

Some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry are associated with Zangoora. Shakar-Ehsaan-Loy, Shaimak Dawar, Neeta Lulla, Ambika Pillai to name a few. The lead actors of the play are also well known actors: Hussain is Zangoora, Gauhar Khan is Lachi, and Sadanand Patil is Zoravar to name a few. The backdrop, sets, dances, aerial acts are awesome, cast awesomer, performances: way beyond excellence... In my opinion, it's a must watch for people who have never been to a live performance and who love the song and dance routines.

Even the audience are made to feel a part of the play. In a romantic song sequence snow falls on the audience. The dancers engage people during the end of the show in a lil dance routine near their seats, I was very excited when the performer asked me to dance with her.

Next weekend we are sending our in-laws to be a part of the fun there. Children below 3.5 feet are not allowed so couldn't take my baby along. May be for the next play if he is of the right height.

Nautanki Mahal has a variety a seating options starting from INR 750 to INR 6000, prices vary for weekdays and weekends. Check out their site for ticket pricing details. Another point to keep in mind, audiences are not allowed to record or take pictures of the live performance. They may be requested to leave the hall or have the movie clips deleted from their mobiles.

I would definitely love to be a part of the wonderful experience again. Loved it so much that I can feel the excitement surrounding me since. Recommended to everyone who love Bollywood movies with their song and dance routines.

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  1. I have been there once last year but didn't go to see the play,,would visit again :) :)

    and also Belated Happy Anniversary Kumkum :)

    1. thanks namita for your wishes. Go watch the play, would lift up your spirits for sure !!!


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