Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Foundations, Blushes, and Compacts

Hello People,

Hope all of you are having a blast!!! I am feeling happy, happy, and ummm......... happy. Probably, watching Toy Story 3 last night has its advantages. I skip movies many a times only to watch them a year later. Loved all the characters, especially Woody, Buzz, and even the evil ones baby, teddy, oh loved all of them. It was very cute, fun, and the animations were wonderful (no dobt about it). Have you guys seen Toy Story 3? Liked it? Do share your thoughts.

Now, coming to the third post in the series of posts where I have been sharing my makeup stash contents with you guys (earlier posts here and here).

Today's post is all about face makeup (which I currently own and use), for example, foundation, compacts, and blushes. I am not using concealers as of now because I have really good skin (just bragging a little ...).

To begin with I am NC 35 in MAC (to give you guys an idea about my complexion tone).

OK, so on with it. I own two compacts, one from Maybelline and the other from MAC. Maybelline is in shade Nude and MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder is in shade NC20 (even though I am NC 35, the MUA recommended this shade and advised to wear this on my T-Zone only as it would provide highlighting effect as well). To this date, both these are working fine with me.

Swatches (top one Maybelline and below is MAC sheer select):

Next, there are two foundations which I currently own. One is from L'oreal (true match minerals foundation), and the other is from MAC (studio sculpt in NC35). Both have worked great for me so far. The MAC one being better of course, giving me flawless skin every time, and made my makeup application seem like a pro. L'oreal foundation is also good, but the only con I find is that the brush is a little bit scratchy. Other than this no complains, it is a sheer coverage foundation, which I use over the weekend trips to malls.

Neither of them have broken my skin out, and have worked beautifully for providing good coverage.

Swatches (top: L'oreal true match minerals, bottom: MAC Studio Sculpt NC 35)

Next, coming to the most used makeup item in my kitty Lakme earth rose blush trio (use it daily). Brings the most natural glow to my face. Sadly, it has now been discontinued, but it is most cherished makeup item. I used to think blushes, were not so important, but I have seen the difference blush brings to your face, just makes your face look chiseled and glowing.

Apart from the Lakme blush, I have recently purchased a MAC cremeblend blush in Posey. Though I thought that it would look scary as it was creamy and looked dark in the pan, there could not be a lovelier blush color. Lasts me throughout the day though I use it rarely.

Below are the blush swatches:

left to right: MAC cremeblend (posey), Lakme earth rose blush trio (each of the shades separately, and the last one is all three blended together)

Generally, I use all the three shades blended together, which gives me this gorgeous peachy glow.

So, that is my current face makeup collection. Would definitely be adding on more stuff to this. So, here comes teh wishlist: Face makeup Primers (haven't got a single one), Revlon Photoready, MAC MSF, Concelers (MAC, YSL), more MAC blushes (especially sunbasque), the famousest NARS blush ever...

I think this list is just endless, as there are a million cosmetics to try out there. I am coming for you beauties :)

Take care...

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