Monday, January 2, 2012

Moong dal halwa recipe

Hello people,

So, the new year is here. Why not start it on a sweet note? Today I am going to share with you guys a healthy moong dal halwa recipe (a staple sweet dish in my home during winters). It is a favorite with all the members of my family from the eldest to the youngest. So, let's make some delicious moong dal halwa recipe in the new year.

First, the ingredient list (it is quite short you see):

1 bowl Moong dal
1and half bowls ghee
half bowl fresh cream
1 bowl sugar
2 bowls water
a few strand of saffron
Grated cashews and almond (for decoration)

Time for preparation: 2 hours (including dal soaking time)

So, start with the moong dal, check to see some stones or kachra (as the elders would say)

Then, soak the dal for atleast half an hour in 3 cups of water

This is how the dal looks after half an hour soaking

Drain the water after half an hour and place the dal on a sieve to drain excess water for 15 minutes

Grind the dal finely without adding any additional water

The dal should be grinded finely

Tranfer the ground dal to a big pan / karahi

Add  one and half bowls of melted ghee in the ground dal

Don't place the karahi on stove yet, just mix the dal and ghee together very well, it looks something like this below

Now, place the karahi on stove and cook the dal on low flame (with continuous stirring to avoid burning)

Cook the dal till it is light golden brown in color (or as much brown as you want it to be)

In a separate pan, bring to boil, 2 bowls of water with 1 bowl sugar with a few strands of saffron added

Once the dal is brown, add half cup fresh cream to the dal (this lightens the color of the halwa a bit, so you may brown the dal a bit more)

Cook the dal a bit more till it soaks in all the cream

 Now add the prepared sugar syrup to this mixture slowly with continuous stirring

Cook the halwa, till the water evaporates and the halwa starts leaving the edges of karahi (halwa is almost ready now)

You can now serve the hot halwa, decorated with cashew and almond slivers

Hope, you guys liked this recipe and would enjoy this hot and healthy halwa with your friends and family in the new year 2012.

Thanks for reading.

Take care...

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