Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My wishlist: 5 things to do in the coming year

A big helloooooooo to everyone,

Hurray!!!! Another year is coming to an end, am so looking forward to the new year celebrations with my kid. So much wanted to share with you all my small list of things which I would like to accomplish in the coming year. These are not resolutions, but more of a wishlist.
Please note: all these don't talk about makeup and shopping, which are lifetime passions and are not part of this wishlist.  So, lets go........

1. The number one on my list is a vacation with hubby and baby. It's been a long time since we went on vacation. This would be my first one with my new born, so let's see when that happens. Could be a cruise,I already smell the ocean, see the brilliant sunsets, and imagine myself eating yummy food (ooh...........), or maybe even a small vacation in the hills

2. Write more on my blog. Share my thoughts with people and learn about theirs.

3. Learn a new language. It's been on my wishlist like.... forever, but has never been fulfilled, so one more time, this year, I plan to take this up and take it forward. Hopefully!!!

4. The next thing would be to learn driving.. OK. So, I guess everyone is rolling and laughing, but learning driving has been equivalent of "Mission Impossible" for me (BTW, MI4 is coming soon to theaters here). All the scary evils come up every time I start on this, starting with not getting up on time to having an accident once during my training. So this year, once again I will try to face my fears and learn driving.

5. The next thing is to learn to baking cakes and breads to perfection. I just love the aroma of baking happening inside my house. Though have given this activity a shot many times, results have varied from poor to good, but not something which I want to achieve. Having struggled sometimes with ingredients, standing in front of the oven till the baking time is over, and praying to god to get the perfect cake, has been a tough. It is more difficult for me as we are hardcore veggies, eggs are not allowed inside the house, so getting the perfect, soft, and delicious egg-less cake has been nightmarish at times for me. So, looking forwrad to learn perfect baking.

So, this is my small wishlist for the coming year 2012. What's yours?

Take care...

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