Friday, December 23, 2011

Pregnancy: my first trimester

Hello people,

Today I wanted to share with you guys my pregnancy experience. This article is part of three series of articles, one for each trimester. So, read on if you are planning for a baby, are going through pregnancy, or just for some first-hand information from a first-time mommy.

So, we were planning for a baby after like 4 years of marriage when my husband wanted a baby after seeing everyone around him having kids. He was very excited to know that I had missed my period, though only by a couple of days. Even though I said it is normal and happens to almost everyone, he was full enthu and got me not one but two test kits.

I didn't want to test only as I was very scared. But he insisted and I gave in. As soon as the result was positive he was ecstatic and I was soo scared. All the thoughts came rushing in together starting from I am not ready, it is too early, I won't be a good mom, what will happen to my career, we don't have enough money to support a family and so on...
Now that I think about it, maybe it is just hormones, but even then I am really thankful and grateful to my super-duper Hubby for putting up with my mood swings till date. Also, my family including my parents, inlaws and my neighborhood bhabhi who supported me, shared their experiences, and cared for me throughout my pregnancy. As I write now, these people made my pregnancy a very enjoyable experience.

After the news was shared with my close family, my parents wanted me to go to a doctor. Again, my fear of hospitals came over me and I refused on seeing a gynae. I am very careless when it comes to healthcare and medicines and doctors. Even though my dad is a doctor I just don't like to take medicines. I love to give my body the experience of new germs to boost its immune system . Probably being scientific makes you very finicky.
Finally, after continuous coaxing, my husband had to almost drag me to visit a gynae, and I was around 5 weeks pregnant. Since we live in Gurgaon, we decided to visit gynaes in Gurgaon. The gynae we picked was a recommendation from my husband's close friend and is a very nice lady currently employed in MAX hospital, which is only 10 minutes drive from our house. On our first visit the gynae asked about me and my husband's medical history and our respective families history as well. Then she listed around 20 blood tests and an TVS (transvaginal ultrasound scan).
Now, the tests were painful, they took around 4 small testtubes of blood to carry out all these tests. But, the most amazing part was the TVS, when the operator showed me the heartbeat of my small child with little limbs and a chotu body floating in the sac. It was magical and suddenly all my worries and fears disappered and I was happy, confident, and suddenly responsible mom. I felt so much love and affection for the new one, that right now I cannot describe it in words.

After the blood test reports and TVS report came, we went to gynae again and she said everything was normal and advised Folic acid tablets twice a day and some medication for morning sickness as well.
Well as the first month had passed peacefully already with no morning sickness, so I thought that I would not get any. But I was so wrong, the second and third months bought their onset of sickness bouts, along with a deep dislike for artificial fragrances!!! Can you believe it? I was not able to use any cosmetic product for my full pregnancy and any shampoo because of this, as all cosmetics use these chemical fragrances. I could tolerate natural fragrances only, so had to use only completely herbal products, mostly biotique. Even natural brands such as fabindia, TBS, forest essentials have very strong aromatic fragrances which made me puke everytime I even passed their store in a mall. So, all my skin care, hair care, and makeup had to take a backseat.
I thought this would continue for the first three months but alas this continued for the complete nine months. Although I had no problems with food, but I have many friends who were unable to eat either some fruit or some cereal.
Another interesting thing that happened was that I had evening sickness. My bouts of nausea would start after lunch and would continue till evening, unlike other women who have morning sickness. But, the medication kept me in control. But all to-be moms and their families should always consult gynae before taking any medication as there are some safe medications, which will not harm the growing fetus.

All in all, I had a wonderful first trimester and would wish the same for all moms to be, but since everyone is unique so are their bodies and experiences. I would like to hear from all of you your unique pregnancy experiences and advice given.

Stay tuned for the my next trimester experience.

Take care...


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