Monday, November 28, 2011

Shopping experience at healthkart

Hello people,

Hope your day is going well. Mine is not so much. Well, this may be partly because of one of the popular online shopping websites HEALTHKART. I have been recommending everyone to order from this site, but sadly they have disappointed me this time.
I have ordered twice from this site. First time I received my order within two days even when it was cash on delivery.
This second time, I paid via net banking, ordered stuff on Nov. 22, 2011, received shipping confirmation on 24th Nov, 2011, and till date have not received it from their end, with no response apart from "you will receive it today". I called them today, they asked me to send an email to but nothing has been done so far.

I think this would me my last order from their site. The customer service sucks. I tried their online chatting feature as well, every time they say it will be delivered today. All I wanted was the product to be delivered within 11am - 7pm. And all that I ordered was 2 lipglosses and 2 nail paints. Above all, these people are based in gurgaon with my shipping place just 5 km from their place in gurgaon.

This is a glimpse of my online chat on their website today at 4:50 pm

kumkum jain [you]
my order 956401-40190 is now 7 days old. when will I receive it??
Please wait while our agents attend to you. There are currently 1 visitor(s) waiting to be served.HealthKart Support NR has joinedYou are currently being served by 
HealthKart Support NR

HealthKart Support NR [agent]
Welcome to healthkart ,
How can i help you
please wait let me check
kumkum jain [you]
will i ever receive it??
i had paid for it already
HealthKart Support NR [agent]
mam please wait let me check
today you will get the product
kumkum jain [you]
i don't think so
the day is already ending
last time also you gave me the same reply
HealthKart Support NR [agent]
till 8PM you will have your product
kumkum jain [you]
i am not here till 8
i asked for the product to be delivered between 11 am - 7pm
hello you there??
HealthKart Support NR [agent]
mam in morning we spoke to courier guys regarding your product they told us that they will deilver your product today

They do need to ramp up their service otherwise I think there are a lot many professional websites out there with better shipping options as well. I for one may not be ordering from them again. May be this would be a good time to try some other online website.

Take care...

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  1. Update on this: My product was delivered today after 8 days, which is unlike what they claim on their website (2-6 days shipping). So people, "order at your own risk"


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