Thursday, November 24, 2011

My Skin care routine

Hello people, let's begin by praising the onset of winters in most of north India.
Today's post is about a few of my favorite products which have helped me time and again to achieve a clean and glowing complexion.
Everyone loves to have a healthy complexion. I had good skin genetically, but soon I realized that makeup needs a good base to adhere to, in other words makeup requires good skin. So, I started cleansing and moisturizing routine during my school days with a face wash and cream (Both Pond's as it was mum's favorite brand).
Most of us these days, tend to neglect our skin primarily due to our busy lifestyles.So, I follow a very basic ritual twice a day, everyday.
Over a period of time I have realized that my skin type has changed from combination to normal skin. But the routine may be tweaked by introducing a heavy day and night cream / lotion (Aroma magic almond moisturizing lotion) for dry skinned beauties, and a gel based formulation (
Pure Rosewater Light Hydrating Facial Gel) for very oily-skinned beauties. Both of these suggested products need to be followed up with a sunscreen with good SPF (personal choice, you may try sunscreens from Lotus, Biotique, Lakme etc..)The routine which I follow is pretty much same as advised allover the world: Cleanse (C), Tone (T), and Moisturize (M). Being a working mom, I can steal only 5 minutes twice a day to help my skin and keep it in good shape.

The products which I use daily (in the order given below) are:

1. Makeup remover: Johnson's & Johnson's baby oil (the best makeup remover ever)
2. Face wash (variable, current: Lakme Melon melt)
3. Toner: FabIndia Lavender Toner
4. Moisturizer (day: Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture Combination Skin (includes SPF); night: Olay)
5. Under eye gel: FabIndia aloe vera under eye gel
6. Lip balm: VLCC mint lip shield

I love to keep my routine simple and it has helped reduce the number of breakouts and helped me to achieve a good skin again after pregnancy.

Apart from this routine, I try to use a face scrub and mask (TBS blue corn 3-in-1 cleanser) at least once a week.

When I get time from my busy routine (at least 10 minutes) I try to do one of the following:

  • Use unboiled milk as cleansing milk on makeup free face (my mum's favorite skin care tip),
  • Use a mix of curd-besan as a face pack / ubtan (works to remove tan),
  • Rub a slice of tomato on face, keep for 5 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water (works to remove blackheads),
  • Wash my face with only besan and rinse off with water (when I am feeling lazy),
  • Use cooled cucumber slices over my eyes for 5 minutes, to rejuvenate the under eye area.
So, this are my tested and trusted skin care regime + skin care tips which have helped my skin a lot. Hope this helps all of you who have been neglecting their skin due to hectic schedules.

Take care...

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