Friday, June 8, 2018

Lotus Herbals Color Kick Lip Sugar in Rose, Swatch, Review

Hello beauties, 

Today I am reviewing a new launch (ok may not that new) from Lotus Herbals, the Colorkick Lip Sugar with SPF 20. Be it summers/winters, I simply cannot lilve without my lip balms. I have to use them daily else my lips crack pretty badly. Out of the gazillion lip balms out there, I have found the ones from Lotus Herbals to be the best in terms of skin moisture restorative powers. So when I found out that Lotus Herbals has come out with a new lip balm version I was super excited to try it. While there are around 5-6 shades, I have bought the shade. Read on to know about my experience with this newly launched Lotus Herbals lip balm. 

Price: INR 299 for 3 g of the product.

Ingredient list: NA, the packaging says that the lip balm is enriched with sugar, kokum butter, shea butter and vitamin E. There is not a complete list of all the ingredients anywhere.


I will say that I am not super-duper impressed with the packaging. Though quiet sturdy and the cap doesn’t come off easily, the pink colour and the print on the plastic body screams girlie/kiddish lipstick at best. The lip balms available otherwise have nice classy packaging and at this price point I would have loved to have a practical and chic packaging. 


The color name is Rose and the bullet looks quiet dark red in colour, but trust me when I say that the lip balm does leave a tint albeit not too dark. The colour looks like light orangish red on my lips and nothing too alarming.

The formulation is quiet sturdy and not the melting types. I mean even at the current 45-46 degrees temperature the bullet is not melting, which is quite good.

First few applications don’t feel the sugar particles much, but after that your lips do feel slight scrub sensation upon application.

The lip balm doesn’t have a weird taste or smell. I mean for me both factors were okay but for people with sensitive noses might feel the presence of floral fragrance a bit bothersome.

Coming to the properties of the lip balm, even though the lip balm has a hard texture than usual, it applies evenly on the lips and keeps them moisturized for atleast 3-4 hours. Even after the lip balm is gone, your lips feel soft and don’t start to crack or go rough.

My lip texture has definitely improved ever since since I have started using this lip balm with almost negligible peeling/chapping which was quiet a big problem for me.

I would definitely recommend this lip balm if you are someone who is not bothered by pink plastic packaging, floral scent, and hard lip balm texture. I would say that it is expensive for a lip balm when there are a whole lot of options available out there. Even though I am satisfied with the product, I would still recommend trying before buying in this case.

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