Friday, May 18, 2018

Jovees Hair Serum Review

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How are you doing? Summers are here and I am loving every moment of it :) As my older readers would know how much I love summers and my new readers know now how much I love the summers :)

So, summers though fun lead to extreme dryness of skin and scalp owing to the air conditioned environment we live in these days. And even though my hair are on the oilier and limpier side I need to apply a leave-in serum in my hair to make them managable and keep them in a frizz free state. So, today I am sharing my experience of using a new hair serum from an Indie brand called Jovees with you all. Read on to more about this product...

Price: INR 310 for 60 ml of the product.

Ingredient list:
The ingredient list is quiet impressive with all the natural oils being mentioned. It gives me a satisfaction of applying something natural to my hair. However I would love to see a complete list of ingredients in the future.

The dispenser:

The packaging is pretty basic and clean with a very nice pump dispenser being provided to dispense the product. The packaging is quiet sturdy and the dispenser pumps out just the right amount of the product, nothing too much and nothing too less.

Product Swatch:

The serum feels like a thick and heavy oil once you take it on your palms. So the first time I was pretty scared that my freshly washed hair will go limp in a moment. But then I rubbed the oil on my palms and lo and behold, the texture of the oil changed to a more flowy though not watery texture.

The serum was easy to apply and coated my hair very nicely. I always apply the serum on my freshly washed and slightly damp hair. The serum was absorbed by my hair easily and without any residual greasiness/oiliness. Once my hair dried they were manageable and soft. For my shoulder length hair, I needed only two pumps so for me the product is definitely going to last for atleast 3-4 months with regular usage. For girls with drier hair, you can apply this serum daily as well. Just rub the oil on your palms to activate the serum texture and you will be good to go.

The serum has a strong floral fragrance, though it didn't bother me and lasted for about 5-10 minutes, it might be a concern for those with sensitive noses/with an aversion to the floral scents.

Overall, Jovees Hair Serum is a great product for all hair types, doesn't weigh down the hair, isn't too oily or greasy and boasts of a great ingredient list. So, if you are looking to invest in a hir serum, do give this Jovees Hair Serum a try and I am sure you wouldn't be disappointed!

Have you used the Jovees Hair Serum? Do let me know your experience in the comments section below.

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