Saturday, April 21, 2012

Vedic Line Foot Soak Review

You may ask, what is the big deal about Foot Soaks, nothing in particular I say. But then why another one, been wanting to try one after loving the spa-like feel from Omved Foot Soak (review here). So, why Vedic Line, loved some of the products from the same brand earlier and the foot soak claimed to do a lot of unbelievable things.

Price: INR 110 for 125 ml of product. Packaging is very very basic, with a chotu bottle having a flip cap, which reminds me of medicine bottles in hospitals.

Ingredients: only key ingredients were mentioned.


The product is blue in color, with a runny consistency, and has a mild minty smell, nothing overpowering though. My experience with this foot soak has been okay. It actually does what it claims, but I feel that the results can be acheived by dipping your feet in water having two tablespoons of mild shampoo. In fact after putting feet in water, it felt as though I have dipped my feet in water with mild and moisturizing shampoo. Though my feet were clean, but not required scrubbing. Also, my feet were a little softer. As far as the calluses go, they remained same before and after dipping my feet. The main problem with the product is that it does not do anything magical or out of teh ordinary and the effects can be acheived with a mild shampoo. A foot soak is meant to pamper and relax your feet and this doesnot do any of those.

Product rating: B, available via many online shopping websites. Would not recommend this at all, you can achieve the same results with a mild shampoo.

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  1. seriously it looks more like a scrub or listerine bottle,thnx for the review dear :)

  2. now i know where not to spend!!... thanks...


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